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Rice Milk

Rice Milk

Rice milk is a variety of grain milk, a dairy substitute made by the processing of grains. Rice milk is typically made using brown rice, and produced by boiling, blending and straining it. The resulting product is treated with natural enzymes to give it a sweeter flavour and smoother texture reminiscent of cow’s milk[1][2][3]. This is itself a process derived from that used to produce amazake, a traditional Japanese sweet rice beverage[2].

From there, the product can have the liquid removed and the dried solids turned into a powder as may be convenient, either as an ingredient in and of itself or for later rehydration[2].

As an alternative to dairy, rice milk contains a higher degree of carbohydrates, but less calcium and protein. Commercially available varieties are typically fortified with additional vitamins and minerals in order to counteract this lack. As a counterpoint, rice milk is free from lactose and cholesterol[1][3]. Rice milk also has lower fat content than cow's milk, as well as having a lower calorific content as a rule, although this may depend on the addition of sweeteners[4].

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